Sites of Note

EMNet ( – The Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet) is a clinical research network involving >220 emergency departments. The mission of EMNet is to advance public health objectives through diverse projects in emergency care, particularly multicenter clinical research. The network is based at Massachusetts General Hospital and focuses on three areas:

1. Respiratory/allergy emergencies — Multicenter Airway Research Collaboration (MARC),

2. Health policy — e.g., National ED Inventories (NEDI), National ED Safety Study (NEDSS), and

3. Other public health projects — e.g., ED Safety Assessment & Follow-up Evaluation (ED-SAFE) Study, surveys, and analysis of federal datasets.

ViDA ( – The Vitamin D Assessment (ViDA) Study is a randomized controlled trial involving 5,100 men and women in New Zealand. The study Co-PIs are Drs Robert Scragg (University of Auckland) and Carlos Camargo (Harvard University). The trial will finish in 2016.

VITAL ( – The VITamin D and OmegA-3 TriaL (VITAL) is a randomized controlled trial involving 25,000 men and women in USA.  The overall study PI  is Dr JoAnn Manson (Brigham & Women’s Hospital). Dr Camargo is PI of a NIH-funded ancillary grant looking at the effects of vitamin D and omega-3 supplementation on infectious disease. The trial will finish in 2017.