Nondegree Status

Harvard faculty and staff, employees of Harvard-affiliated hospitals, HSPH alumni, and certain other Boston-area public health professionals may register for a maximum of 10 credits per semester as nondegree affiliates of the school. Affiliate registration information is available on the HSPH Registrar’s Office website, in the TAP/Affiliate Registration section.

Enrollment of affiliate students in specific courses is subject to the availability of space and permission of the instructor and the registrar. In the event that classes fill to capacity, preference is given to HSPH degree candidates. Payment is on a per-credit basis and is due at the time of registration. Payment is not refundable unless the student is unable to take the desired course because it is filled. Affiliate students may neither audit courses nor cross-register at other Harvard schools or at MIT.

Special Students

Individuals who do not fall into one of the categories listed above may apply for special student status. Applicants for special student status are subject to the same admission  and registration deadlines, and procedures as applicants for degree candidacy. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply to the Office of Admissions for full- or part-time special student status; international applicants are eligible for full-time status only. Admission to special student status is limited to one academic year. The deadline for applying for special student status is December 15, 2014.

Subsequent Application for Degree Candidacy
Affiliates and special students wishing to be admitted to degree candidacy must apply and will be considered on the same basis as other applicants for admission. At the time of their application, affiliates and special students who have taken courses at the school within the preceding five years may count up to 20 credits retroactively as part of the academic credit requirements.

Up to 20 credits of tuition previously paid to HSPH may be counted toward the school’s tuition requirement for the degree program.