Women, Gender, and Health

This interdisciplinary concentration is geared toward students who desire careers in research, teaching, and programs related to women, gender, and health. Addressing issues of women, gender, and health (WGH) requires the study of the health of women and girls — and men and boys — throughout the life course; gender, gender equality, and biology must be understood as important and interacting determinants of well-being and disease. Areas of study also include gender and gender inequality in relation to individuals’ treatment by and participation in health and medical care systems; the physical, economic, and social conditions in which individuals live; and their ability to promote the health of their families, their communities, and themselves. Inherent in these studies is the protection of human rights as fundamental to health and the recognition of diversity and inequality among women — and men — in relation to race/ethnicity, nationality, class, sexuality, and age. As the concentration does not offer a degree, prospective students must apply to a degree program in one of the participating departments. Students must fulfill the requirements of the home department, which issues the degree, and the requirements of the concentration, which include core courses in women, gender, and health; gender analysis; and women’s health.

Contact Information:
Brittany Charlton, SD
Phone: 617-432-3690
Email: wgh@hsph.harvard.edu
Web: hsph.harvard.edu/wgh