Lab News


February – Rob and Kelsey are heading to Malawi to continue our fieldwork project with the Malaria Alert Center at the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences in Blantyre. This will be the second year our lab has traveled to Malawi to work alongside the researchers at the MAC.

January  – Kristine Werling, a former graduate student in the lab had her paper “Development of circulating isolates of Plasmodium falciparum is accelerated in Anopheles vectors with reduced reproductive output” published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. Check out the paper here!

January – Iryna’s paper “Precise coordination between nutrient transporters ensures fertility in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae” was published in PLOS Genetics. Check out the paper here!


October 25th – Congratulations Iryna for your dissertation defense!

September – Lisa Verzier  joined the Catteruccia lab, welcome Lisa!

July 5 –  Laura receives a Rubicon Fellowship from NWO. Gefeliciteerd Laura!

June 22 – Jack’s last day in lab. You will be missed Jack, but we can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do during your PhD at Yale!

June 20 –  New manuscript. Congrats to Kelsey and all co-authors for an amazing manuscript on the connection between insecticide resistance and Plasmodium infection! Check it out in PLoS Pathogens!

June 15 – Doug’s last day in lab. We will miss you so much Doug! You’re going to be an amazing PI and UGA is so lucky to have you!

 June 13 – New publication. Congrats Andie for submitting an exciting manuscript! Check it out on bioRxiv!

June 10 – Boston Pride for the People. Esrah and Alli marched with One Queer Harvard in Boston Pride for the People! Rob, Jorge, Flam, and Malhar went to support them!

June 3 – New publication. Congrats Iryna for submitting an amazing manuscript about Vg! Up on bioRxiv now!

May 26 – Congrats Kate! Kate is promoted to Research Technician III. Swell job, Kate!

May 25 – Kaileigh’s last day in lab. You will be missed Kaileigh! Best of luck on your next steps!

May 17 – New publication. Congrats Alli on contributing to a phenomenal review on malaria pharmacology! Check it out in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

 May 15 – New lab member. Yulian joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome Yulian!

April 20 – Jorge’s last day in lab. We will miss you tremendously Jorge! You are going to do amazing things in your new position as an Associate Scientific Editor at Cell Reports!

April 17 – AIC at Janelia Research Campus proposal accepted. Esrah’s proposal to the Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia to use their FIB-SEM was accepted!

April 15 – New PhD student. Bailey joins the lab as a PhD student, co-mentored with Dr. Josefina del Mármol. Welcome back Bailey!

April 10 – Congratulations! Malhar passes his PQE exam

March 20 – Alli gives talk at BAPS. Congrats Alli for a fantastic talk at BAPS!

February 25 – New lab member. Federico rejoins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome back Fede!

February 23 – Flam becomes a US citizen! Congrats Flam! This country gained a new star!

February 20 – Research in Malawi. Rob, Iryna, Kelsey, Alli went to Blantyre, Malawi to conduct research in a malaria-endemic area with Themba Mzilahowa and Rob McCann. Good work team!

January 30 – Bloom Fellowship. Esrah was awarded the Bloom Fellowship from HSPH. Congrats, Esrah!


December 12 – Congrats Rob! Rob started a new position in the lab as Research Specialist at HHMI!

December 2 – Vogelheim Hansen Research and Travel Award for Africa. Alli received a travel award to support her research in Malawi. Fantastic job, Alli!

November 18 – Lab Halloween Party. Flam hosted a lab halloween party, fun and spooky in the best way!

November 5 – Extra Life fundraise for Boston Children’s Hospital. Rob took part in the gaming marathon, Extra Life, to raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital!

October 30 –  Lab at ASMTH – October 30 – November 3. Congrats Maurice for giving a fantastic talk! And congrats Alli for giving a wonderful poster!

September 18 – Lab at MPM – September 18 – 22. Congrats Rob for giving an amazing talk on mosquito lipid transporters! And great job Laura, Alli, and Esrah for giving posters!

September 13 – HHMI Science Meeting – September 13 – 15. Congrats Maurice on giving an amazing poster!

September 2022 – ASTMH Centennial Travel Award. Kelsey was awarded the ASTMH Centennial Travel Award to conduct research in Malawi. Nice job Kelsey!

August 15 –  New lab member. Jamie joins the lab as a new research assistant. Thanks for joining us Jamie!

August – Rob’s green card was approved. Congrats Rob!!

July 15 – New lab member. Aaron joined the lab as a research assistant. So excited you joined us!

June 26 – Gordon Research Conference. Kelsey was an invited speaker at the Gordon Research Conference on Genetic Biocontrol. Way to go Kelsey!

June 15 – Shirya’s last day in lab. We will miss you Shirya, all the best in your new job managing clinical trials!

May 13 – Bailey’s last day in lab. You will be missed Bailey! Good thing you’re not moving too far 🙂 We can’t wait to see everything you accomplish during your PhD in the Harvard BPH program!

May 12 – New collaborators in Malawi. Rob, Maurice, Kelsey, and Flam went to meet new collaborators, Themba Mzilahowa and Rob McCann, in Blantyre, Malawi!

May 4 – Lab retreat in Plymouth, MA – May 4 – 7. Great science and scenic views of Plymouth Rock!

April 10 – Keystone Malaria Symposium. Congrats Alli on receiving a travel award to the Keystone Malaria Symposium! And congrats Alli and Doug for presenting an awesome poster!

April 4 – Congrats Kate! Kate started a new position in the lab as a Research Technician II at HHMI!

April 4 – GRFP Honorable Mention. Bailey and Esrah were awarded an NSF GRFP honorable mention. Congrats both of you!

March 29 – Sabrina’s last day in lab. We will miss you Sabrina, but we can’t wait to see what you do next!

February 22 – Federico finished his last day in the lab. We will miss having you here Federico, but we’re excited for your next steps!

January 18 – Malhar joined the lab. Malhar joined the lab as a rotating PhD student. Welcome, Malhar!

January 14 – Sabrina joined the lab. Sabrina joined the lab as a BBSRC Flexible Talent Fellow from Imperial College London! We’re excited to have you, Sabrina!

December 28 – Alli was awarded the Keystone Symposia Future of Science Fund travel scholarship to attend the Keystone Malaria conference in April. Congratulations, Alli!


December 24 Listen to this short podcast featuring our work: Podcast #8 | 24 December 2021: Research on the Wolbachia bacteria is applied to the malaria-transmitting Anopheles mosquito. Link here

Podcast #8 | 24 December 2021: Research on the Wolbachia bacteria is applied to the malaria-transmitting Anopheles mosquito. 

December 8 – Laura successfully defended her thesis to earn her PhD from Radboud University. Congratulations Dr. de Vries, we’re excited for you to officially be a postdoc in the lab! Congratulations Laura!

December 1 – Doug was promoted to research associate! Congratulations, Doug!

November 24 – Nature Biology paper. Kelsey and co-authors’ Wolbachia paper is out now in Nature Microbiology. Check it out!

November 3 – Yan received the Entomological Society of America 2021 John Henry Comstock Award Graduate Student Award for her dissertation research in Julián Hillyer’s lab at Vanderbilt University.Congratulations, Yan!

October 28 – Duo wrapped up his last day in lab. You’ll be missed, Duo, but we know you’ll do great things at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub!

September 23 – Flaminia named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator! We’re incredibly excited for this opportunity to move our science forward in new ways.

September 18 – Review in Trends in Parasitology! Congratulations to Rob and co-authors on their recent review in Trends in Parasitology!

August 10 – Welcome, Elodie! Elodie joined the lab as a visiting PhD student from the Wits Research Institute for Malaria. Welcome, Elodie!

July 11 – Doug at Woods Hole – 07/11 – 08/10. Doug attended the Biology of Parasitism course at Woods Hole. We hope you learned lots, Doug!

June 30 – Kelsey defense. Kelsey successfully defended her thesis! Congratulations Dr. Adams for all your hard work!

June 25 – The lab moved floors! We’re excited for all the science we’ll conduct in this new space.

June 21 – Welcome back, Kate! After completing her Master’s at Cornell, Kate has rejoined the lab

June 15 – Great presentation, Maurice! Maurice presented at the Boston Area Parasitology meeting!

June 8 – Emily’s last day in the lab. We’re all very sad to see you go, but very excited for all of the cool science you’re going to do during your PhD in Notre Dame! They sure got a good egg!

June 1 – New lab member. Yan joined the lab as a postdoc. We’re excited to have you, Yan!

May 28 – CIDVR talk. Rob gave a fantastic talk today at the Center for Infectious Disease and Vector Research!

May 26 – BioMalPar. Maurice gave an excellent presentation at BioMalPar. Well done, Maurice!

April 26 – Congratulations to Alli on passing her preliminary qualifying exam! Well done! Congratulations Alli!

April 25 – Johns Hopkins World Malaria Day Symposium. Doug presented at the Johns Hopkins World Malaria Day Symposium. Excellent talk, Doug!

April 20 – (Another) New publication. Another first author manuscript by Kelsey (and on the same day) but this time on Wolbachia CI genes in Anopheles! Congrats Kelsey and co-authors! Check in at bioRxiv!

April 20 – New publication. Congratulations to Kelsey on her first, first author manuscript submission! Up on bioRxiv now.

April 16 – DAC. Congratulations to Elaine on completing her first DAC!

April 12 – New PhD Student. We’re excited to welcome our new visiting PhD student Laura to the lab!

March 23 – GRFP honorable mention. Alli was awarded an NSF GRFP honorable mention. Congratulations, Alli!

March 15 – New PhD student. Esrah joined the lab as a new PhD student. Thanks for joining us, Esrah!

February 28 – Visiting PhD student. Federico is joining us as a visiting PhD student from Sapienza University in Rome. Benvenuto Federico!

February 18 – Congratulations! Doug was awarded best poster at the HSPH postdoctoral association symposium.

February 1 – Welcome, Emre! Emre joined the lab as a new postdoc.


December 31 – PLoS Pathogens paper. Congratulations to Rob and co-authors on his recent PLoS Pathogens paper!

December 21 – PLoS Pathogens paper. Perrine’s and co-authors PLoS Pathogens paper is out now!

December 14 – Welcome Elisabeth! We’re excited to have Elisabeth join the lab as a new insectary technician!

November 19 – Lab at ASTMH. Shout out to Kelsey and Iryna for giving great talks at ASTMH, and to Rob for his poster presentation!

November 2 – Welcome, Rini! Rini joined the lab as a research assistant.

October 19 – Welcome Shriya! We’re excited to welcome Shriya to the lab as a research assistant!

March 14 – EdX Course on Malaria. Learn more about EdX course here.