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From the bench to the field: generation of innovative tools to reduce the malaria burden. Our lab is strongly invested in developing translational tools to prevent malaria transmission. Widespread insecticide resistance among Anopheles mosquito populations represents one of the most significant threats to existing malaria control programs. We aim to translate our laboratory findings into novel products that can aid current insecticide-based programs or provide effective alternatives to insecticide use. Our projects include the use of antimalarials on mosquito nets to kill Plasmodium parasites without affecting the Anopheles female, a strategy that would block malaria transmission without causing the insurgence of resistance in mosquitoes; the exploitation of mosquito endosymbionts that prevent Plasmodium development, such as Wolbachia bacteria; and the generation of sterilizing and life-shortening compounds that can be incorporated into insecticide-based control programs.


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Exposing Anopheles mosquitoes to antimalarials blocks Plasmodium parasite transmission