International Collaborations:

  1. Ireland: ToPCaP
  2. Brazil: IRONMAN
  3. Australia: IRONMAN, ToPCaP
  4. United Kingdom: ToPCaP
  5. Sweden: NorTwinCan, EPoS, SPCG-4, SPCG-17, SAR
  6. Norway: NorTwinCan, NORCCAP–I, EPoS, NordICC, Scan-IBD, SAR
  7. Denmark: NorTwinCan
  8. Finland: NorTwinCan
  9. Scotland: EPoS
  10. Germany: EPoS Poland: EPoS
  11. The Netherlands: EPoS
  12. Spain: EPoS
  13. Italy: EPoS, ToPCaP
  14. Iceland: NordICC, ToPCaP
  15. Barbados: MadCaP
  16. Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa: MaDCaP
  17. Greece: EPIC-Greece
  18. Canada: IRONMAN
  19. Mexico: IRONMAN + California Teacher’s Cohort
  20. Uganda: Mbarre University of Science and Technology, PaCT
  21. South Africa: PaCT
  22. Tanzania: PaCT
  23. Nigeria: PaCT
  24. China: Nanjing Medical University
  25. Austria: Medical University of Vienna

Consortia and Multinational Collaborations:

  1. Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium
  2. Breast Cancer Association Consortium
  3. Oncoarray
  4. Markers of Density consortium (MODE): UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Spain, Germany GWAS of breast cancer
  5. Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC): UK, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, Mexico, Columbia, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Macedonia, Greece, Italy
  6. International Consortium on Mammographic Density (ICDM): France, UK, South Africa, Egypt, Singapore, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, Kenya, Korea, Chile, Iran, Poland, Japan, China, Spain

Domestic Collaborations

  1. University of Hawaii
  2. Memorial Sloan Kettering – NY
  3. University of California-SF
  4. University of Southern California
  5. Vanderbilt University
  6. Meharry Medical College
  7. International Epidemiology Institute
  8. Mayo Clinic (Rochester)
  9. Dartmouth Norris Cancer Center
  10. Duke Cancer Center
  11. National Cancer Institute
  12. Prostate Cancer Foundation
  13. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  14. Cancer Prevention Institute of California
  15. Johns Hopkins University
  16. University of Texas, San Antonio
  17. Michigan State University