Doctoral Students

Yuchen Zhao

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Identification of novel prognostic markers of cancer survival; pathway-based survival analysis
Other interests: Health disparities; translational epidemiology
Expected Graduation:

Naiyu Chen

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Cancer survivorship, lifestyle factors, built and social environments
Other interests: Health disparities, cancer screening, causal inference methods
Expected Graduation: 2024

Yon Ho Jee

Advisor: Peter Kraft
Focus: Genetic epidemiology and statistical genetics
Expected Graduation: 2024

Emma McGee

Advisors: Miguel Hernán and A. Heather Eliassen
Focus: Causal inference for cancer survivors

Michelle Sodipo

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Racial cancer health disparities/inequities; Interventions to decrease racial cancer disparities/inequities
Expected Graduation: 2025

Tung Pham

Advisor: Edward Giovannucci
Focus: Colorectal cancer
Other interests: The effect of hereditary and lifestyle risk factors on colorectal adenoma and colorectal cancer risk
Expected Graduation: 2023

Colleen McGrath

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Survivorship and quality-of-life in survivorship, survival and progression, and the role of lifestyle factors and emotional and social wellbeing during survivorship
Other interests: Cancer prevention and screening, positive psychology, health disparities, qualitative research
Expected graduation: 2026

Alexis Miranda

Advisor: Brittany Charlton
Focus: Cancer disparities affecting the LGBTQ population
Other interests: Fattism and cancer, social epidemiology methods
Expected graduation:

kehuan lin headshot

Kehuan Lin

Advisor: Ed Giovannucci
Focus: Lifestyle factors, biomarkers, colorectal cancer
Other interests: Gene-lifestyle interaction, omics analysis
Expected graduation: 2027