Doctoral Students

Tung Pham

Advisor: Rulla Tamimi
Focus: Global cancer epidemiology(1st year Fall 2019)


Yiwen Zhang

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Global cancer epidemiology (1st year Fall 2019)



Emily Rencsok

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Disparities in prostate cancer research (1st year Fall 2019)


Ilkania Chowdhury-Paulino

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Cancers with infectious etiology, risk factors and prevention strategies for cancers in low and middle-income countries, epidemiology methods



Peilu Wang

Advisor: Rulla Tamimi/Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Biomarkers in breast cancer



Kristen Brantley

Advisor: Heather Eliassen
Focus: Biomarkers and breast cancer


Joy Shi

Advisor: Immaculata De Vivo
Focus: Etiology of Endometrial Cancer


Alaina Bever

Advisor: Mingyang Song
Focus: Metabolomic markers of metabolic and immune health in relation to adiposity and colorectal cancer risk



Naiyu Chen

Advisor: Lorelei Mucci
Focus: Cancer Health Disparities




Emma McGee

Advisor: Heather Eliassen
Focus: Inflammation and infection in carcinogenesis, breast and hepatobiliary cancers, molecular epidemiology, global cancer health disparities