Show and tell: Delivering nutrition expertise via local news

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Elizabeth Gunner, host of TV news nutrition segment Health in a HandbasketWho I am: Elizabeth Gunner, MPH ’24 and a registered dietitian





What I created: I regularly appear on-air and off-air for various TV new outlets as a nutrition expert. I currently host a nutrition segment called “Health in a Handbasket” which airs Monday mornings on WUHF Fox Rochester and 13WHAM ABC.

Why it matters: Media is saturated with misinformation and disinformation about health, wellness, and nutrition. In my “Health in a Handbasket” TV segment, I provide accurate nutrition information that people can use to inform their health and wellness decisions.

What we learned: People are hungry for easy-to-understand and accurate information, especially regarding health, wellness, and nutrition. I’ve learned that the best way to deliver complex nutrition information is to simplify it and articulate it in a way that your audience will understand and benefit from. I try to provide them with simple, tangible ways to implement the knowledge they get from my segments into their daily lives.

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