Raising Teens

The most widely known report from the Harvard Parenting Project is Raising Teens: A Synthesis of Research and a Foundation for Action. Prepared by A. Rae Simpson, Ph.D., Raising Teens is the culmination of a groundbreaking initiative within the CHC to pull together current research on the parenting of adolescents and to distill from it key messages for the media, policy makers, practitioners, and parents.

In creating Raising Teens, particular emphasis was put on identifying those conclusions about the parenting of adolescents about which there was widespread agreement among researchers and practitioners. The project found that, contrary to popular perception, there was significant agreement within research findings about important basic principles for raising teenagers in the United States.

These central ideas, which cut across a broad range of disciplinary and cultural perspectives, are encapsulated in clear, short charts and summaries within the report. For example, a set of Five Basics of Parenting Adolescents, with a list of strategies for each. Also featured is a list of Ten Tasks of Adolescence, which delineates the main aspects of adolescent development that parents and other adults need to be aware of and support.

The aim was to also stimulate further consensus-building among researchers, attention within the media, and action at the policy level about the important issues facing American parents and teens.

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