Creator Program

The Center for Health Communication’s innovative Creator Program, launched in 2023, inspires and equips social-media creators to counter health misinformation and spread evidence-based science to their communities of millions.

Why does public health need creators?

Trust in US public health is at an all-time low, health misinformation is rampant, and more and more of us get health news and information online. In this environment, creators are uniquely positioned to support public health. Watched and trusted by millions, creators are poised to translate and disseminate health information. In doing so they can help make sure that all people—and young people in particular—have access to the health information they want and need, where they look for it.

As public health leaders advocate for social media regulation, they must also partner with creators to protect the health of these critical information ecosystems. 

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What do creators get out of participating?

Our program helps creators better serve their online communities, by equipping them with cutting-edge health research, policy ideas, and resources. It also allows them to engage directly with leading public health experts and clinicians and offers unparalleled access to Harvard experts, briefings, and a community of like-minded, fellow creators. This community of creators—fostered in monthly calls and in-person activations—empowers creators to network, collaborate and problem-solve together.  

Public health has much to learn from creators, particularly about how to effectively serve communities’ health information needs in a social media-dominated world. So creators in the program also teach Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health students and faculty about social media best practice.

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Can any creator access your resources?

Yes – we hope that our resources will be widely used by content creators and anyone else looking for evidence-based sources for communicating about health.

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How do we know that creator-led public health campaigns will have an impact?

This is the focus of the Center for Health Communication’s research program, which participating creators continue to shape. Our innovative research agenda is building the evidence-base for the effectiveness of public health x creator partnerships.

Creator research

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