Wendy Zhou

Program Assistant
Department of Global Health and Population

Wendy Zhou is the Program Assistant for the Harvard China Health Partnership (HCHP), supporting the operational needs of its faculty, researchers, and events.

Wendy received her B.A. in Political Economy from the University of California, Berkeley with a concentration in international development. Previously at the Berkeley Human Rights Center and the United Nations, she conducted open source investigations on human rights crises in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Myanmar, Chile, and beyond. She has contributed to international research projects looking into political opposition parties, regional conflicts, and migrant workers.

Wendy is interested in human geography matters within China, including rural-to-urban migration, inter- and intra-regional accessibility, and population distribution. At HCHP, she hopes to help advance the collective research efforts that are mitigating health crises and improving quality of life for rural populations and other disadvantaged groups in China.