Nile Nair


Nile is a first year international doctoral student in the Population Health Sciences and Nutrition department. His work with Dr. Golden will focus on how the relationship between coral reefs and human communities affects the nutritional transition and the consequent disease and health status of local communities in the Pacific region. Originally from Fiji, Nile graduated with a BA in Biochemistry from Skidmore College in 2015. He has been working as the Senior Clinical Research coordinator and Research Associate in the Genetics and Gastroenterology departments at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, New York for the last four years. His multi-site clinical research endeavors focused on a range of topics including genetics, maternal-fetal health, Inflammatory bowel disease, human microbiome, and Parkinson’s disease research. Outside of his work with Dr. Golden, he also has research projects focused on the novel explorations of disease biomarkers using deciduous teeth. Using the skills attained through his doctoral work with Dr. Golden, Nile plans on helping lead research projects in Fiji, with an emphasis on addressing the NCD epidemic in Pacific Island Countries and Territories.