Who Should Apply

lourdesThe primary audience for this course is physicians (MD, DMD, DDS, or DO) seeking training in the basic quantitative methods that are needed for clinical research, but whose schedules limit their participation in longer programs. Also, students beginning their summer-only Masters of Science degree in Epidemiology at HSPH are eligible for this course.

International Physicians are the primary target audience for this course. Although HSPH offers more detailed training in clinical research methods through the Summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness and through degree programs, the clinical, research, and administrative schedule of international physicians limit their participation in summer-long or academic-year programs. This course with its condensed schedule (three weeks) was developed to meet the needs of this audience by offering in-depth training in quantitative methods in a minimal time frame.

Non-local U.S. Physicians from clinical sites outside of the Boston area with the same research training need and time constraints as international physicians are also suitable for this class.

Local Physicians with clinical research training interests are better served by attending the Summer Program in Clinical Effectiveness. This summer-long program provides a longer time period to develop a study protocol that meets a student’s interest. It also offers afternoon elective courses during each half of the summer-long period to complement the training in epidemiology and biostatistics received from its core morning courses. Alternatively such physicians would be best served by enrolling in either the Master of Public Health (MPH) or the Master of Science (SM) in Epidemiology Programs at HSPH. However, local physicians will be considered for this program, if space is available.