SPH2 Air Handler Unit Replacement Project

Update 7/22/2020 :

As of right now, all the original AHU Machines have been removed. Preparing the space to receive new one is below. A new concrete pad has been laid to receive the incumbent equipment. (Pictured below)


Empty AHU Space

AfterNew Concrete Pad








The first unit AC 2-1 started this past Saturday 5/2 and has been turned on and is running since with controls working and while still working out the finer details

Pictured is the model of existing AHU that is being replaced
Pictured is the model of existing AHU that is being replaced


The original Building 2 Air Handler Units, built in 1963, are being replaced.  These units serve both office and lab space and have exceeded their original operational life expectancy of 25 years. Due to their age there has been a noticeable decrease in energy efficiency and an increase in maintenance and repair cost.


The construction project was awarded to T.G. Gallagher Mechanical Contractors. The expected timeline of the construction project is from February 2019 through September 2020. Once the project is complete it will help the TH Chan School of Public Health and Harvard as a whole progress toward our climate goals, increase equipment reliability and redundancy.”