News and Updates

IID Insectary Update 8.7.2020

Progress on the Insectary: We have made significant progress including various protections for  the construction site in addition to Staging, Demolition, and the construction of the new space. Our team is doing a great job to make sure everything stays in tact during the renovation.

Get a grip! We have new treads

Our stair case via the Kresge entrance of the campus has been modified and will now mirror another smaller set of stairs next to the main set. These are to help increase pedestrian footing while walking up or down and prevent slip and falls.  

Archive of Shutdown Notices

Here you will find location, date and times of shutdowns throughout our campus. For any questions please reach out to Michael Koufos | Facilities Manager @ Harvard Fire Safety Services will be silent testing the Fire Alarm Systems from 7am – 3:30pm on: SPH Building #1  on Monday , March 16th thru Thursday , … Continue reading “Archive of Shutdown Notices”

SPH2 Air Handler Unit Replacement Project

Update 7/22/2020 : As of right now, all the original AHU Machines have been removed. Preparing the space to receive new one is below. A new concrete pad has been laid to receive the incumbent equipment. (Pictured below) Before: After               Update: The first unit AC 2-1 started this … Continue reading “SPH2 Air Handler Unit Replacement Project”

Emergency Steam Shutdown Notice

On Jul 12, 2019, at 3:04 PM, Beaudoin, Danny Greetings All, The main high pressure steam line that feeds our campus sprung a leak just now in the HMS Goldenson Building basement.  HMS is currently working on an emergency repair plan.  Once finalized later today, HMS will most likely be turning off the steam to … Continue reading “Emergency Steam Shutdown Notice”