Shutdown Notifications

Here you will find location, date and times of shutdowns throughout our campus.

For any questions please reach out to Michael Koufos | Facilities Manager @

Boston Water & Sewer has notified us that they will be shutting down all non-potable/potable water to our campus on Tuesday, September 8th at 7 PM – 3 AM. They will be replacing a valve for the on-going Huntington Avenue work and will require a shutdown duration of roughly 6-8 hours

During this shutdown, all experiments involving biological (BL1 or higher), chemical, or radioactive processes shall be suspended. Occupants will be unable to use eye wash stations, showers & sinks. In addition, all restrooms, fountains & kitchenettes on-campus will be offline.


On Friday, April 17th from 6am to 9am, the air handler units serving SPH-2 will be temporarily shut down to facilitate the installation of the new air handler unit.

This shutdown will temporarily impact air supply & heating throughout the Basement to Floor 3 in SPH-2 (excluding the HCCM Barrier Mouse Facility).

If you are looking for past shutdown notices, please follow this link