Coronavirus Update: Travel, Visitors, Meetings and Events

March 6, 2020

Dear Members of the Harvard Chan School Community,

Please read this important new guidance from the University on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and share with others who may not have seen it. The message addresses international and domestic travel, and recommendations on events, meetings, and visitors to Harvard. As always, the University continues to update with the latest information and updates. Please stay safe and healthy.


Katherine A. Hope, PhD
Executive Dean for Administration
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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Sent: Friday, March 6, 2020 3:20 PM
Subject: Coronavirus Update: Travel, Visitors, Meetings and Events

Dear Members of the Harvard Community,

We are notifying you of significant updates for:

  • Domestic and international travel,
  • Affiliates and visitors returning or arriving to campus, and
  • On-campus meetings and events, including how to work and meet from home.

The policies and resources outlined below are available on and are effective immediately through at least April 30. We will continue to update you on new or changed guidance as needed.


Travel can increase the risks of exposure to you and the community. Government travel restrictions and public health measures are changing rapidly. Those changes may make it difficult for you to return to campus and resume activities. See the travel guidance on Harvard’s coronavirus webpage.


  • All University-related international travel is prohibited.
  • All personal international travel is strongly discouraged.


  • All University-related non-essential domestic air travel is prohibited.
  • We strongly urge extreme caution and judgment for your personal domestic travel.
  • We strongly encourage you to consider alternative methods to communicate and hold meetings, such as teleconferencing.


Anyone—including affiliates and invited guests—who returns or arrives to campus from a location with a CDC level 3 travel warning for COVID-19, must:

  • Complete this confidential health form at least 48 hours before your return/arrival to campus.
  • Self-isolate using guidance from HUHS. Most self-isolations will last a minimum of 14 days.


  • We strongly discourage any non-essential meetings or events of 100 people or more.
  • Academic classes and dining operations will continue as normal with heightened cleaning protocols.
  • Organizers should postpone the gathering or use remote technology if possible. See Harvard’s on-campus meeting and event guidance.


  • Make preventive measures part of your routine now (cough/sneeze into your arm, replace handshakes with elbow bumps, don’t share food/bottles, hand wash more often than usual, avoid touching your face).
  • Begin preparing your devices to work from home and practice using Zoom.


  • Please use and distribute HUHS’ communication resources—including fact sheets and posters—and post them in common areas around campus.

Please be assured that senior University leaders and School officials are meeting frequently to review, update, and communicate contingency plans. We recognize the challenges this coronavirus outbreak presents for our community and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation, assistance, and ongoing efforts to prevent the transmission of disease. To further that goal, we will continue to send regular announcements and update the Harvard coronavirus website.


Alan M. Garber AB ’77, PhD ’82, MD
Provost, Harvard University

Katie Lapp
Executive Vice President, Harvard University

Giang T. Nguyen MD, MPH, MSCE, FAAFP
Executive Director, Harvard University Health Services