COVID-19 FAQs for Faculty

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Where can I find resources for teaching online?
Take a look at the following sites. Make sure you have your accounts set up.

These sites contain clear, step-by-step instructions for using technologies like Zoom, as well as best practices and tips. Harvard Chan IT has been hosting Zoom trainings. Peer-to-peer coaching for moving teaching online will also be available. Please be sure to check your email for updates and opportunities.

What additional resources will be available to faculty during the fall semester?
We intend to deliver high-quality, rigorous course offerings in the fall. Our faculty and staff will be working through the summer to develop creative approaches to the wide range of courses we offer. New educational and technological workshops have been planned and Instructional Designers, coordinated through your department or program administrators, will be working with course instructors. Our Faculty Instructional Coach program of peer support will continue and expand. We are also in the process of rethinking TA roles and TA support. We know this is only a start and will be working with our faculty to understand their needs and how the school can support them.

Are TAs and TFs continuing their teaching work?
Yes. If your course involves teaching fellows, teaching assistants, or course assistants, they should continue to work with you; we will continue to rely on their exceptional work, perhaps even more so as we are transitioning to and supporting remote teaching. Harvard graduate students and other teaching staff will continue to receive their normal compensation during this period. This may help to ensure coverage of critical issues and will be useful if one or more members of an instructional team becomes ill.

What if I still have questions about how to handle transitioning my teaching to a remote format?
For instructional design and online conversion questions contact Sejal Vashi,

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Are faculty searches continuing?
Faculty searches and promotions that are underway can continue as planned; new or planned faculty searches that have not yet initiated will be paused for the time being. Academic reappointments for non-ladder faculty can proceed as planned. Hiring of sponsored academic positions (e.g. postdoctoral fellows, research scientists) that will be fully supported by grants or external funding can proceed, assuming the position can be fully deployed remotely until it is safe to return to campus; this includes both currently open and future positions.

Can my new postdoc/research associate/visiting scientist start their appointment as planned?
There will be very few situations in which it is possible for a new academic appointment to commence until campus is reopened and travel restrictions are lifted. If the incumbent is internal and being promoted or if they are already local, have done their I-9, and can onboard and work remotely, for instance, starting as planned may be possible. Please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs to work through logistics of changing start dates and with any related questions.

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