COVID-19 FAQs for Staff

Working remotely

When will staff be able to return to the office?
In a University-wide email sent August 5, Provost Alan Garber announced that those of us who are able to continue working remotely should expect to do so through the end of 2020.

Where can I find resources and guidance on working from home?
Visit the School’s remote readiness website for information on working remotely, including links to specific tools and other relevant guidance. HUIT also has suggested resources for working remotely, including guidance on improving your internet connection at home.

Employee fitness benefit

Is the school considering any changes to the current employee fitness benefit?
No, the school is not considering any changes to the fitness benefit. This benefit was originally created so that Harvard Chan School employees, who could not access the University health club because of location, had an equivalent benefit. For more fitness resources, including free online classes, visit this page on staying active during the pandemic.

Unemployment fraud

I have heard that unemployment fraud is on the rise.  What do I do if I think a claim has been filed in my name?
There have been cases of unemployment fraud across the country and here at Harvard due to increased claims during the pandemic. If you have received a letter from the Commonwealth regarding unemployment, but you have not applied for unemployment, or otherwise believe you have been a victim of unemployment insurance fraud, please visit this link and follow the 7 steps to respond. Please also inform Human Resources so the instance can be reported in our unemployment management system. It is possible that Human Resources will receive the claim before you receive a letter from the Commonwealth. In this instance, Human Resources will contact you directly regarding next steps.

University-wide employment FAQs

Find information here on returning to on-campus work and out-of-state employment.

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