Driving Business Performance: Culture of Health for Executive Leaders

The Harvard School of Public Health offered two separate workshops, one for individuals and one for teams, to help businesses master implementing a Culture of Health to improve public health and gain a competitive advantage. Patrick Whitney held a workshop that utilized the Whole View Model to teach participants methods to develop a Culture of Health at their organizations.

Health expenditures accounted for 17.9% of the U.S. GDP in 2016–one of the highest percentages globally–yet we rank among the lowest among developed nations for life expectancy and other key health indicators. With many preventable health conditions impinging on worker productivity and consumer well-being, businesses have an economic and social imperative to intervene.

As the role of businesses evolve, many organizations are enhancing profitability and social impact by adopting a Culture of Health, a movement maximizing good health and well-being of their employees, consumers, community, and environment–also known as the “Four Pillars.”

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