Design For Better World | Global Wellbeing In Post-industrial Society : IRC 2022

The Transforming Rural India Foundation held their 2022 India Rural Colloquy and hosted a conversation about how the hyperconnectivity of today’s world needs to be considered to redesign systems to support the well-being of whole ecosystems.

For the first time in human history, 8 billion people can be connected. What does this connectivity mean for our civilization moving forward?

In a hyperconnected world, distance and time have different connotations in decision-making. Conventional boundaries between ‘global’ and ‘local’ have blurred to offer new ways for organizations to plan and operate. Yet, conventional approaches that once led to vertical silos – with deep expertise as a way to optimize cost, maximize profit, and increase operational efficiency – have now proven to be insufficient in overcoming well-being problems faced by people and the planet.

This session dove deep into designing a better world order built for scale with compassion and sufficiency for the people and planet. Andre Nogueira moderated the conversation between Patrick Whitney, Sam Pitroda, Anirban Ghose, and Rajni Bakshi about ways forward.

To view the discussion, Click Here.
Length: 58 min