Abigail Auwaerter

Research Assistant

Abigail Auwaerter designs with people, for people. She applies behavioral and human-centered design approaches to understand why humans choose to act in certain ways, even if those behaviors do not contribute to their well-being. Through systems and user research, Abigail hopes to discover and utilize behavioral insights useful to create solutions that can improve people’s well-being.

Abigail has joined the D-Lab to work on the Remember Now, the first part of the Whole Life: Designing Life After Covid-19 research initiative. She is prototyping a new methodology developed to identify patterns of behavior at the population level through personal experiences. After analyzing the story-driven data collected in 2020 amidst the pandemic, she will help the team shift into the second part, Sketch Tomorrow, when she will explore prototypical ideas that respond to the patterns found. 

Abigail is currently pursuing a Master of Design at the IIT Institute of Design. She also holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University in Design & Environmental Analysis, where she spent an exchange semester at the Delft University of Technology studying Industrial Design Engineering.