DACDI: Working Groups

Strategic Implementation

The Strategic Implementation Working Group is comprised of leadership and community members from a number of different offices and departments. This group’s work will focus on the implementation of signature projects and objectives identified in the Foundations for Sustainable Progress and Transformation: Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan for Harvard Chan School, and the Inclusive Excellence Strategic Implementation Plan. The working group will focus its efforts on the monitoring of planning implementation of identified action items for the academic year, and the tracking of success metrics for the identified action items.


The Assessment Working Group will identify approaches and prioritize critical areas for review and assessment along the lines of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. This will include attention to sequencing of such activities, as well as determination of school wide climate assessment practices, review of policies, processes, and curricular experience, and focus groups to better understand group/intergroup experiences.

Anti-racism Learning & Culture

The Anti-Racism Learning & Culture Working Group will support the identification of best practice approaches for infusing learning into our departmental/office-based settings, and steps for implementing diversity focused and anti-racism learning activities within the school. This group will also strive to align best practices with action planning + metrics, peer engagement and learning, debriefing implementation, and identify resources + training needs.

Recruitment + Retention

The Recruitment and Retention Working Group works to understand and respond to current opportunities for enhancing recruitment and retention practices within departments that also complement School level efforts. This working group will support the identification of best practice approaches for the departmental setting, and steps for implementing various recruitment and retention practices within the school- with attention to implementation of activities at the departmental level while also providing recommendations for School level practices and policies that can increase retention and success across the Harvard Chan School.