Covid-19: Now is not the time to declare victory

This week, President Biden said what millions of Americans have been hoping to hear since the spring of 2020: “The pandemic is over.” I am deeply concerned that this declaration is not only premature, but dangerous. As others have noted, it will now be even harder to persuade Americans get the new bivalent boosters. It’ll … Continue reading “Covid-19: Now is not the time to declare victory”

Changing the stereotype of academia

I’ve been thinking a lot in recent weeks about action and impact. The spark for this musing was the news that CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has launched an ambitious drive to remake the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention into a more nimble, transparent, and action-oriented agency. I applaud that initiative. But I was also … Continue reading “Changing the stereotype of academia”

A message to new students: Clarity is power

Every August, I have the honor of welcoming the newest cohort of students to our School. It is always a joy. Here’s my address to the incoming class: One of my favorite things about being dean is getting to know each one of you. Already, I know you are a remarkable class. You were selected … Continue reading “A message to new students: Clarity is power”

Public health must engage in politics. Here’s why.

Recently, I participated in a panel on the impacts of politics on public health hosted by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. Here I share my thoughts on why we must claim and amplify our collective influence as non-partisan advocates of evidence-based practices that advance the public good. This field has never … Continue reading “Public health must engage in politics. Here’s why.”

A Q&A with public health students in Beijing

Recently, I was invited to speak to the next generation of public health leaders and researchers as part of a summer lecture series at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. The questions posed by students were clear, practical, and resonant, so I’d like to share some with you, along with my responses. What do you think … Continue reading “A Q&A with public health students in Beijing”

Inspiring students with the power of partnership

I recently had the welcome opportunity to speak to students at the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health’s Jubilee Symposium. The topic was climate change, but these smart young scientists didn’t need any lessons from me about the perils of climate change or its dangerous impact on global health. I spoke to them, instead, about the … Continue reading “Inspiring students with the power of partnership”

Next-gen metrics for inclusive growth

Earlier this month at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, I joined political, civic, and business leaders in a panel discussion about lifting the health of the Americas. We are developing solutions as the Partnership for Central America (PCA), the largest public-private-academic partnership ever assembled for international development. In just one year, the … Continue reading “Next-gen metrics for inclusive growth”

The global South deserves respect—and support

The scientific and political elite have long assumed that the global North is the best place to develop solutions for challenges in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America. In an era of overwhelming global challenges, the worlds of science and public health can no longer afford this arrogance. People in the global North must stop … Continue reading “The global South deserves respect—and support”