2004 – 2008

February 11, 2008
“Combatting the Obesity Epidemic: Recognizing and Reconciling Research Priorities”
Shiriki K. Kumanyika, PhD, MPH

Associate Dean for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Biostatistics & Epidemiology and Department of Pediatrics
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

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October 10, 2007
Dr. Herbert Sherman Memorial Lecture
“Behavior and the Value of Medical Technology: Why Technology Assessment needs the Social Sciences”
David Meltzer, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Departments of Medicine and Economics, and The Harris School for Public Policy Studies
Director, Center for Health and the Social Studies
The University of Chicago

Dean Bloom Introduction and Milton Weinstein Tribute to Herbert Sherman
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Dean Bloom Introduction and David Meltzer Lecture
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May 8, 2007
“A Case Study in Sustainable Development: A Holistic Approach to the Control of Malaria
Onesmo K. ole-MoiYio, MD
Director of Research and Partnerships, Senior Visiting Scientist, International Centre for Insect Ecology and Physiology
Co-hosted by the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

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December 7, 2006
“Bridging the Divide: Global Lessons from Evidence-Based Health Policy in Mexico
Julio Frenk, MD, Phd
Former Minister of Health, Mexico and Founding Director General of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico


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October 24, 2006
“Race and Science: New Challenges to an Old Problem”
Evelynn M. Hammonds, Phd
Professor of the History of Science and of African and African American Studies and Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity,Harvard University

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May 8, 2006
Dr. Herbert Sherman Memorial Lecture
“Improving Health Care Quality: National Policy and Local Practice”
William L. Roper, MD, MPH
Dean of the School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, CEO of UNC Health Care

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January 12, 2006
“How the Genome and the Computer are Changing Biological Science”
David Botstein, PhD
Anthony B. Evnin Professor of Genomics Director, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton University

Botstein Lab Home Page:
Princeton’s David Botsein Describes New Biology for New Age of Computers — from Harvard Public Health NOW, February 3, 2006

Co-Hosted by the Division of Biological Sciences

September 29, 2005
“Demographic Forecasting: Incorporating Qualitative Insight into Quantitative Modeling
Gary King, PhD
David Florence Professor of Government, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University

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May 16, 2005
“The Future of Scientific Computing at Harvard
Alyssa Goodman, PhD
Professor of Astronomy, Harvard University Research Associate, Smithsonian Institution

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December 6, 2004
“Ancient Perspectives on Future Climate”
Daniel Schrag
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment

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October 13, 2004
“Human Genome Sequence Variation and the Inherited Basis of Common Disease”
David Altshuler
Associate Professor of Genetics and Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Mass General Hospital, and Director, Program in Medical and Population Genetics at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

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April 1, 2004
“The Future of the Health Care System”
Samuel O. Thier
Professor of Medicine and Health Care Policy, Harvard Medical School

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January 29, 2004
“Regulation of Aging in Yeast and Animals by SIR2″
Leonard Guarente
Novartis Professor of Biology at MIT

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