Panel 2: Aid Accountability

Disasters and Development in South Asia

Panel 2: Monitoring disaster response: Aid accountability and the role of citizens and institutions
This panel brings together experts in aid accountability, and NGO leaders to examine the role citizens, and local, national and international organizations play in ensuring or preventing accountability in disaster response. Drawing on their work in Nepal and around the world, panelists will explore competing approaches to accountability, and the often conflicting objectives, interests and operational values that constitute disaster response. The panel will focus on how to create accountability and transparency in the flow of monetary and nonmonetary assistance, how to coordinate across interest groups in a resource-constrained post-disaster setting, and how to ensure the voices of children, women, ethnic groups are included in the way aid is delivered and monitored.

This panel is moderated by Dr. Mark Turin, a professor of Anthropology and a linguist. Dr. Turin is an expert on the issues of language and cultural practice in Nepal and the Himalayan region, with an interest in translating academic research into policy and practice. Panelists include Mr. Ben Smilowitz. Mr. Smilowitz is the executive director of the Disaster Accountability Project.