Panel 3: Media Engagement

Disasters and Development in South Asia

Panel 3: Communicating disasters: Emergent forms of media engagement
This panel brings journalists and reporters together to discuss the role of the national and international media in sharing information and ensuring effective, ethical and accountable communication, beyond formulaic coverage, in a post-disaster scenario. While print, radio, television and social media played a critical role in disseminating information and raising community awareness in the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal, there were transgressions, including selective and disproportionate coverage, and information distortion. Drawing on Nepal’s experience, this panel will analyze the media’s role, in communicating information concerning disaster preparedness, mitigation and management, and promoting accountability and transparency in post-disaster settings.

This panel is moderated by Ms. Subina Shrestha. Ms. Shrestha reports on Nepal’s social and political issues at Al-Jazeera. She has reported extensively on the Nepal earthquake. Panelists include Mr. Gyanu Adhikari and Mr. Kunda Dixit. Mr. Adhikari is the co-founder of an independent online magazine The Record Nepal. Mr. Dixit is the editor and publisher of The Nepali Times.