Speaker Bio – Ujwal Thapa

ujwal200x200Ujwal Thapa is a Nepali political activist, a semi-retired IT entrepreneur and a part-time coffee farmer. He is the co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Nepal, a 47,000 + strong vibrant platform that mentors and supports budding entrepreneurs across the country. He received his academic training at Bennington College and returned to Nepal to start his own IT company. He has founded and led many successful ventures while mentoring others to build their own companies. More than 30 successful companies have launched with his mentorship. He also established a 5000+ strong IT community called WordPress Nepal. He then led the founding of “BibekSheel Nepali, a rising political force, which aims to create accountable and ethical leaders to build a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. Probably the only political organization to have a disaster preparedness plan, he oversaw the immediate response to the April 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal. Within 30 minutes, his team members were mobilized to major public hospitals across Kathmandu and were working alongside doctors, nurses, police and the army to help coordinate the disaster operations. Over the following weeks, his team led more than 300 relief and rescue efforts as well as many emergency health camps in 17 districts reaching more than 6,000 families. One of the few organizations to publicly disclose the funding source and expenses, his team has been at the forefront to force accountability to the beneficiaries by both donors as well as the local government.