About us

This conference is organized by a student group, the Harvard Chan Student Committee for the Decolonization of Public Health. We are an interdisciplinary group of students interested in:

  • Building a community of students interested in critical engagement with the practice of global health
  • Engaging with students and practitioners on concrete means through which global health can be anti-colonial
  • Understanding the history of global health in colonial and military endeavors, and also resistance against these forces
  • Imagining alternative futures of “global health” that can incorporate various non-hegemonic views including anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism
  • Providing a space for students and practitioners to showcase their work on decolonization

The conference co-chairs are Amina Goheer, Purvaja Kavattur and Sudipta Saha (SM 80 Global Health and Population). The core organizing team also includes Keletso Makofane (PhD in Population Health Sciences, Dept. of Social and Behavioral Sciences), Melissa Barber (PhD in Population Health Sciences, Dept. of Global Health and Population), Julie Chung (Social Anthropology and Global Health & Health Policy, Harvard College), Nivedita Saksena (MPH 65 Global Health and Population), Yuki Davis (MPH 65 Global Health and Population), Amanda Long (MPH 65 Global Health and Population), Hari Iyer (ScD in Epidemiology), Olivia May (MPH 65 Health Policy and Management) and Nambi Ndugga (MPH 65 Global Health and Population).