Teenager sentenced for distracted driving-crash that killed two in Minnesota — a minor at the time, she was granted ‘stay of adjudication’ by judge as part of plea to felony

60 days in jail for teen driver who was on phone, killed Blaine officer and wife in crash
Star Tribune, June 2, 2019

“Novice” driver cited in death of pedestrian will not face felony, though Arkansas minors may be tried in criminal court when offense, if committed by adults, is a felony

17-year-old driver shielded in death of student hit by car at UA
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, March 15, 2019

‘To send a clear message to the public,’ Quebec court judge sentences distracted driver to 4-years prison for causing deadly crash

Judge gives 4-year sentence to Quebec driver who was texting before fatal crash
The Canadian Press, March 12, 2019

Device-makers; wireless tech skirt suits in US — harsh precedent for victims’ families: ‘product manufacturers are not liable for distracted driving accidents’

Apple Has Swatted Away Distracted Driving Lawsuits Without Much Trouble So Far
FairWarning, February 27, 2019

Safety claims of automated steering discredited — independent data review shows U.S. agency’s flawed methodology inflated improvement

In 2017, the feds said Tesla Autopilot cut crashes 40% — that was bogus
ArsTechnica, February 13, 2019