Distracted driving survey by automaker finds US drivers more worried of distractions than ever — mobile devices most distracting; admittedly so: Research

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Detroit Free Press, April 16, 2019

Houston metro-area deemed most distracted behind the wheel by analytics app — panel calls for handheld ban in Texas

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Houston Chronicle, April 11, 2019

Effectiveness of handheld ban beginning to be gleaned in Georgia: Research

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 10, 2019

Tennessee, Delaware, Wyoming, Texas, and Montana made for over 30 percent of road deaths due to phone-specific distracted driving (2015-16): Research

Pay attention to the road! Tennessee tops cellphone distracted driving deaths list
The Tennessean, March 6, 2019

Follow-up four-years later shows drivers’ mobile device-specific distraction is changing — manipulation: Survey

Risky phone use while driving is soaring, and it’s killing Americans, IIHS study finds
USA Today, January 24, 2019

Distracted driving of older (60+) drivers — though less common, instances bring more crashes and deaths: Research

Distracted driving: A booming threat to older drivers
The Sydney Morning Herald, December 3, 2018