Transport NSW OKs deployment of camera ‘technology to catch those using a mobile phone behind the wheel of a car’

NSW Transport uses AI to detect illegal phone use
Government News, September 23, 2019

NSW pilot of camera-tech to enforce handheld ban drew legal concerns; reveals need to ‘balance the individual right to privacy against the public interest in relation to road safety’

High-tech cameras to nab motorists catch eye of Privacy Commissioner
The Sydney Morning Herald, July 18, 2019

Device-makers; wireless tech skirt suits in US — harsh precedent for victims’ families: ‘product manufacturers are not liable for distracted driving accidents’

Apple Has Swatted Away Distracted Driving Lawsuits Without Much Trouble So Far
FairWarning, February 27, 2019

State-run compulsory insurer in WA at odds with rest of Australia when it comes to autonomous vehicles liability

Motorists, states set to pay for self-driving car crashes
The Australian Financial Review, January 17, 2019

Australia’s road deaths dropped by over 6 percent — Victoria had largest reduction; only Capitol and Northern territories had increase

78 fewer road fatalities as road toll improves, finds BITRE figures
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 17, 2019

Progress on road toll — record lows on Australia’s roadways: Roundup

Western Australia:
WA’s road toll hits record low in 2018 as fatigue, mobile phones emerge as new dangers to drivers
ABC News, January 3, 2019

Victoria records lowest road toll ever, but is it really possible to get to zero?
ABC Radio, Melbourne, January 3, 2019

New South Wales:
An endless fight against road toll
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2, 2019