“Novice” driver cited in death of pedestrian will not face felony, though Arkansas minors may be tried in criminal court when offense, if committed by adults, is a felony

17-year-old driver shielded in death of student hit by car at UA
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, March 15, 2019

‘To send a clear message to the public,’ Quebec court judge sentences distracted driver to 4-years prison for causing deadly crash

Judge gives 4-year sentence to Quebec driver who was texting before fatal crash
The Canadian Press, March 12, 2019

Minnesota police cannot enforce current distracted driving law — handheld ban bill’s co-sponsor ‘very frustrated that people are getting five days in jail’

Minnesota may require drivers to use hands-free cellphones
Associated Press, January 10, 2019

Nine-months prison for driver who killed bicyclist in Victoria — guilty distracted driver admitted ‘flicking through the channels for a song’

Macedon crash driver Emma Kent jailed for killing cyclist after being distracted by music
ABC News, November 26, 2018

Australian Judge rejects excuses, sentences texting, ‘panicked,’ distracted driver to jail for death of passenger in crash

Texting driver jailed for at least 22 months over Mitchell Freeway crash that killed workmate
The West Australian, October 17, 2018

Province of penalties — Manitoba triples fines, ups penalties, and adds automatic suspensions to distracted driving law

Texting and driving, Manitoba? Prepare to pay $672 and lose your licence for three days
Global News, October 16, 2016