Amendments to ACT’s handheld ban bring clarity after concerns from ‘doubtful’ Uber driver were raised with road safety official

Rideshare drivers secure amendments that allow them to touch their mobiles
RiotACT, February 8, 2020

‘We urge lawmakers to rework the legislation and bring it closer to [Rep. Rosemary] Brown’s original vision’ — Pennsylvania’s distracted driving bill is watered-down to clear House: Op/Ed

Editorial: State needs stronger law on cellphone use
Delaware County Daily Times, January 26, 2020

Review of deadly crash reveals scandalous failure of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to track out-of-state violations and suspend licenses of dangerous drivers

In wake of deadly crash, Mass. suspends more than 500 licenses
The Boston Globe, July 1, 2019

Tour bus driver faces manslaughter charges in DC — video shows handheld-use at time of crash that killed two

Tour bus driver in fatal pedestrian crash was distracted by phone, D.C. police say
The Washington Post, December 27, 2018