SemiAutonomous car owner in England loses license for two-years for ‘grossly irresponsible’ stunt of hopping into passenger seat while in moving traffic

He Drove a Tesla on Autopilot From the Passenger Seat. The Court Was Not Amused.
The New York Times, April 29, 2018

Feds remove automaker as a party to National Traffic Safety Board’s investigation of Semi-Autonomous car crash

Tesla Was Kicked Off Fatal Crash Probe by NTSB
Bloomberg News, April 12, 2018

Semi-Autonomous feature engaged during deadly crash in California — driver’s hands not on steering wheel, had five seconds to react

Tesla in fatal California crash was on Autopilot
BBC News, March 31, 2018

US driverless R&D: Less rush; more safety requirements — Senators blocking AV START Act define their concerns

Should self-driving cars be on the road before safety regs are in place? Feinstein says ‘no.’
Bay Area News Group, March 14, 2018