State-run compulsory insurer in WA at odds with rest of Australia when it comes to autonomous vehicles liability

Motorists, states set to pay for self-driving car crashes
The Australian Financial Review, January 17, 2019

Progress on road toll — record lows on Australia’s roadways: Roundup

Western Australia:
WA’s road toll hits record low in 2018 as fatigue, mobile phones emerge as new dangers to drivers
ABC News, January 3, 2019

Victoria records lowest road toll ever, but is it really possible to get to zero?
ABC Radio, Melbourne, January 3, 2019

New South Wales:
An endless fight against road toll
The Sydney Morning Herald, January 2, 2019

Australian politician’s public social media-post from the driver’s seat earns her handheld ban violation

WA Nationals leader Mia Davies cops $400 fine and three demerit points for driving video
7News, Perth (via The West Australian), December 13, 2018

Australian Judge rejects excuses, sentences texting, ‘panicked,’ distracted driver to jail for death of passenger in crash

Texting driver jailed for at least 22 months over Mitchell Freeway crash that killed workmate
The West Australian, October 17, 2018

Perth study’s cameras show drivers using mobiles more often on freeways — despite potential violations, report says processing too costly

Mobile phones in cars: Perth drivers high speed fetish
The Sunday Times, June 23, 2018