FACETS 2015 was an opportunity for 12 wonderful young professionals to cultivate their FACETS 2015#2research and professional skills. This year’s cohort included one returning FACETS student, a first year graduate student, recent college graduates and current undergrads – you can learn more about each one of the dynamic students below.


The following faculty mentors led this year’s projects:

Gary Adamkiewicz, Assistant Professor of Environmental Health and Exposure Disparities
Mentees: Issa Ali, Raniero Lara-GardunoHeleni Ramirez

Kirsten Davison, Donald and Sue Pritzer Associate Professor of Nutrition, Department of Nutrition and Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mentees: Martina Sepulveda & Ta’Loria Young

Molly Forrest Franke, Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Mentee: Based on her research interests and as a returning FACETS participant, Jessica Rothman performed independent research with Dr. Franke

Ichiro Kawachi, John L. Loeb and Frances Lehman Loeb Professor of Social Epidemiology, Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Mentees: Ashley Batson, Jonathan Hill-Rorie & Ryan Treviño

Meredith Rosenthal, Professor, Health Economics & Policy, Associate Dean for Diversity
Mentees: Aubrey Griffin, Jonathan “Wyatt” Koma & Diana Padilla

This year’s cohort:



Issa Ali


Batson, A


Ashley Batson


Griffin, A


Aubrey Griffin


Hill-Rorie, J_Full


Jonathan Hill-Rorie



Koma, W


Jonathan “Wyatt” Koma




Raniero Lara-Garduno


Padilla, D


Diana Padilla





Heleni Ramirez





Jessica Rothman


Sepulveda, M


Martina Sepulveda



Trevino, R


Ryan Treviño


Young, T_Full


Ta’Loria Young