Fall Term


BST 267 Introduction to Social and Biological Networks
Instructor: Jukka-Pekka Onnela

Global Health & Population

GHP 272 Foundations of Global Health and Population
Instructors: Joel Lamstein, David Bloom

GHP 288 Issues in Health and Human Rights
Instructor: Stephen Marks

GHP 293 Individual and Social Responsibility for Health
Instructor: Daniel Wikler

GHP 539 Control of Infectious Diseases in Low/Mid Income Countries Social, Political and Economic Dimensions
Instructor: Daniel Wikler

GHP 553 Human Rights Dilemmas in Child Protection
Instructor: Jacqueline Bhabha

GHP 557 Fundamentals of Global Health
Instructor: Rifat Atun

Health Policy & Management

HPM 211
Healthcare Net and Vulnerable Populations
Instructor: Benjamin Daniel Sommers

HPM 520 Organizing Consumer and Community Interests in the Health System
Instructor: Susan Sherry


ID 250 Ethical Basis of the Practice of Public Health
Instructor: Nir Eyal

Social & Behavioral Sciences

SBS 201 Society and Health
Instructor: Ichiro Kawachi

SBS 208 Adolescent Health
Instructor: Michael Ogden Rich, Sabra Katz-Wise

SBS 212 Developmental Disabilities I: Evaluation, Assessment and Systems
Instructor: David Helm

SBS 246 Issues in Maternal and Child Health Programs & Policies
Instructors: Henning Tiemeier

SBS 281 Principles of Social & Behavioral Research 
Instructor: Laura D. Kubzansky

SBS 288 Qualitative Research Methods in Public Health
Instructor: Roberta Goldman

SBS 296 Leadership in Minority Health Policy
Instructors: Joan Reede, Alden Matthew Landry, Chester Douglass

SBS 504 Substance Abuse and Mental Health
Instructor: Vaughan Rees

SBS 506 An Intro to History, Politics, & Public Health: Theories of  Disease Distr. & Health Inequities
Instructor: Nancy Krieger

SBS 507 Adv Sem to History, Politics, & Public Health: Theories of  Disease Distr. & Health Inequities
Instructor: Nancy Krieger

SBS 508 Successes and Challenges in Health Behavior Change
Instructor: Allen Charles Geller

SBS 514 Reducing Socioeconomic & Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in Health:Concepts, Models, Effective Strategies
Instructor: David Williams

Women, Gender & Health

WGH 211 Gender and Health: Introductory Perspectives
Instructor: Karestan Koenen