Spring Term


BST 212 Survey Research Methods in Community Health
Instructor: Thomas Mangione


EPI 517 Issues in Frailty
Instructor: Marian T. Hannan

Global Health & Population

GHP 231 Sexual and Reproductive Health: A Global Perspective
Instructor: Ana Langer

GHP 504 Qualitative Research Methods for Global Health
Instructor: Aisha Yousafzai


DRPH 251 Enabling Large Scale Change
Instructor: Jocelyn Chu, Fawn Phelps, Michael McCormack, Howard Koh

ID 541 Advanced Topics in Obesity Epidemiology and Prevention
Instructors: Steve Gortmaker and Frank B. Hu

Social & Behavioral Sciences

SBS 214 Developmental Disabilities Values Policy
Instructor: David Helm

SBS 219 High Risk Behavior: Epidemiology and Prevention Strategies
Instructor: Vaughan Rees

SBS 220 Society Effects on Child Health
Instructors: Judith Palfrey, Ronald C. Samuels

SBS 222 Social Services for Children, Adolescents & Family
Instructors: Peter Maramaldi, Kristie Thomas

SBS 254 Social Disparities, Stress & Health
Instructor: Laura Kubzanksy

SBS 501 Community-based Participatory Action Research
Instructor: TBD

SBS 519 Patient-Centered Communication & Health Equity – Challenges & Opportunities in the Digital Era
Instructor: Andy Tan

SBS 254 Social Disparities, Stress, and Health
Instructor: Laura Kubzansky

Women, Gender & Health

WGH 207 Advanced Topics in Women, Gender & Health
Instructors: Sydney Bryn Austin, Sabra Katz-Wise

WGH 210 Women, Gender and Health: Critical Issues in Mental Health
Instructor: Barbara Gottlieb

WGH 220 Sexuality and Public Health
Instructor: Sydney Bryn Austin