Donghao Lu

Research Fellow

Department of Epidemiology


Sichuan University, Chengdu, China MD 06/2010 Medicine
Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden PhD 06/2017 Epidemiology

Selected Publications

  1. Cnattingius S, Kramer MS, Norman M, Ludvigsson JF, Fang F, Lu D. Keep it in the family: comparing perinatal risks in small-for-gestational-age infants based on population vs within-sibling designs. Int J Epidemiol 2018. [PMID: 30239740]
  2. Lu D, Ludvigsson JF, Smedby KE, Fall K, Valdimarsdottir U, Cnattingius S, Fang F. Maternal Cancer During Pregnancy and Risks of Stillbirth and Infant Mortality. J Clin Oncol 2017; 35: 1522-9. [PMID: 28384079]
  3. Shen Q*, Lu D*, Schelin ME, Joud A, Cao Y, Adami HO, Cnattingius S, Fall K, Valdimarsdottir U, Fang F. Injuries before and after diagnosis of cancer: nationwide register based study. BMJ 2016; 354: i4218. [PMID: 27582045]
  4. Lu D, Andersson TM, Fall K, Hultman C. M, Czene K, Valdimarsdottir U, Fang F. Clinical Diagnosis of Mental Disorders Immediately Before and After Cancer Diagnosis: A Nationwide Matched Cohort Study in Sweden. JAMA Oncol 2016; 2: 1188-96. [PMID: 27124325]
  5. Lu D*, Sinnott JA*, Valdimarsdottir U, Fang F, Gerke T, Tyekucheva S, Fiorentino M, Lambe M, Sesso HD, Sweeney CJ, Wilson KM, Giovannucci EL, Loda M, Mucci LA, Fall K. Stress-Related Signaling Pathways in Lethal and Nonlethal Prostate Cancer. Clin Cancer Res 2016; 22: 765-72. [PMID: 26490316]
  6. Lu D, Sundstrom K, Sparen P, Fall K, Sjolander A, Dillner J, Helm NY, Adami HO, Valdimarsdottir U, Fang F. Bereavement Is Associated with an Increased Risk of HPV Infection and Cervical Cancer: An Epidemiological Study in Sweden. Cancer Res 2016; 76: 643-51. [PMID: 26634926]
  7. Lu D, Fall K, Sparen P, Ye W, Adami HO, Valdimarsdottir U, Fang F. Suicide and suicide attempt after a cancer diagnosis among young individuals. Ann Oncol 2013; 24: 3112-7. [PMID: 24169626]