2020-2021 Prajna Leadership Fellows

Prajna (Pra’-gyia) is a Sanskrit word that conveys ultimate wisdom that cannot be reached by developing intellect alone. It entails insight from experience and understanding through the engagement with all that surrounds us. Prajna Leadership Fellows merge intellect and practice together to compassionately advance the welfare of humanity.

Prajna Leadership Fellows


Akosua Dankwah, ’22
From: Providence, RI
Degrees Held: MPH, Brown University
BA, Knox College


Ivan BusulwaIvan Busulwa, ’22
From: Kampala, Uganda
Degrees Held: MPH, MBA, Boston University
BSc, Makerere University Kampala



Mrinalini Darswal, ’23
From: Jammu and Kashmir, India
Degrees Held: MBBS, Government Medical College, Jammu, India
MA, University of Texas, Austin


stephanie doan

Stephanie Doan, ’22
From: New Albany, PA
Degrees Held: MPH, Emory University
BA, University of Rochester


ZeenithZeenith Ebrahim, ’23
From: Cape Town, South Africa
Degrees Held: MPA, Harvard Kennedy School
MBA, Oxford University



Griffin Jones, ’22
From: Boston, MA
Degrees Held: MPP, University of Southern Maine
BA, The College of William and Mary


Heather Olden

Heather Olden, ’23
From: Detroit, MI
Degrees Held: MPH, University of Michigan
BS, Hampton University


Brenda Onguti

Brenda Onguti, ’22
From: Nairobi, Kenya
Degrees Held: MPH, John Hopkins University
BP, University of Nairobi


Gail Edwards

Gail Ranglin Edwards, ’23
From: Kingston, Jamaica
Degrees Held: MAS, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
MBBS, BMedSci, BSc, University of the West Indies


Donna Taraborelli

Donna Taraborelli, ’22
From: Philadelphia, PA
Degrees Held: MPH, John Hopkins University
MB, University of Pennsylvania


sarah Tsay

Sarah Tsay, ’23
From: Silver Spring, MD
Degrees Held: MPH, Columbia University
BS, University of Maryland


Frank Wong

Frank Wong, ’23
From: Brookline, MA
Degrees Held: MPH, Emory University
BS, Boston University


This fellowship does not have an application process. If you are seeking financial assistance, visit the Office for Financial Aid site for more information.