About EcoOp

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is at the forefront of research addressing the most pressing global health and environmental issues facing us today. As members of this community, it is important that we recognize the findings of this research and strive toward minimizing our environmental impact through the adoption of sustainable business practices.

A truly sustainable campus requires the cooperation and inclusion of everyone in the community, and in this spirit the community formed The EcoOpportunity Team, Harvard Longwood Campus Green Team. This collaborative forum for knowledge creation and transfer, fosters an environment where sustainable initiatives are developed and executed.

The EcoOpportunity team works hard to brainstorm new ideas or campaigns to educate and inspire individual behavior change among the Harvard Longwood Community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to institutionalize sustainability practices on campus. This group will:

  • Serve as the primary point of communication for sustainability efforts on campus.
  • Work with the Facilities and Operations Group to establish best practices, policies, and/or standards for sustainable design and operations on campus, where appropriate.
  • Identify and prioritize resource conservation opportunities in offices, labs, and residential buildings.
  • Inspire the Harvard Longwood Community to reduce environmental and health impacts and become a leader in campus sustainability efforts