Go Cold Turkey Pledge



Go Cold Turkey (Pledge) link!


In 2002 the first annual pledge campaign “Go Cold Turkey” started, and about 1,000 Harvard students pledged each year to to turn off lights, computers, etc. over Thanksgiving Break. The annual campaign was expanded in 2005 to the “Harvard Sustainabilty Pledge”, with a broader goal to encourage a culture of environmental sustainability on campus.  In that year, 4,300 students, staff and faculty signed the pledge, resulting in a purchase of 4 million kWh of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECS).  The incentive changed a bit in 2007: for each staff, student, or faculty who pledged, Harvard put $1.50 toward renewable energy. The money was used for an on-site renewable project (2 solar thermal panels on 3 Sacramento Street), instead of purchasing wind power RECS.

This year, we are warming up to giving thanks and asking you to go Cold Turkey with the Office for Sustainability!  Start the goodwill early and demonstrate thanks to our planet by preparing your office with these easy steps to reduce the burden on our resources. Together we aim to reduce Harvard’s greenhouse gas emission by 30% from 2006 levels by the year 2016.

“Taken together, the habits, the attitudes, and the creativity of every one of us have the potential to make a great difference, not just for Harvard in the here and now, but for the larger world and its future well-being […]. What is at stake is nothing less than a change in the culture of how we work and live.”  -President Drew Faust, 2008, “Statement on the Report of the Harvard Greenhouse Gas Task Force”