What CAN.. and what CAN’T be composted?

What can be composted?
rec - compost thumbnail (rec_-_compost_180.jpg)

  • all food waste (including meat, dairy, grains, fruit, vegetables)
  • tea bags and coffee grinds
  • Sebastian’s napkins
  • all cutlery from Sebastian’s
  • all plates and clamshells from Sebastian’s
  • hot and cold cups & lids from Sebastian’s
  • compostable straws & straw wrappers from Sebastian’s
  • wood coffee stirrers

What CAN’T be composted?

  • sugar packets (these are lined with plastic)
  • plastic ketchup or similar dressing packet
  • food wrappings (chips, cookies, etc.)
  • Paper coffee cups or plates NOT from Sebastian’s (most paper coffee cups are lined with a non-biodegradable plastic)
  • styrofoam
  • any plastic or metal