Corinne Mitchell, MS

Radiation Safety Officer, Associate Director
Radiation Safety Services
Harvard University

Mrs. Mitchell attended the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, where she earned a bachelors of science in Physics, with an option in Radiological Sciences in 2005. She received a master’s degree in Radiological Sciences & Protection in 2013.

Mrs. Mitchell worked for Thermo Fisher Scientific NITON Analyzers from February 2006-November 2009 as an Assistant Radiation Safety Officer and Sr. Health Physicist. She was the primary radiation safety trainer and travelled across the US and internationallay to provide these trainings. She provided on-demand customer support for internal and external customers, performed facility audits for the companies repair facility and field office, and was responsible for filing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to various state and federal regulators.

In 2009, Mrs. Mitchell joined Yale University as their Sr. Health Physicist. She was a leading member of the Radiation Safety Team, managed the Radioactive Material and X-Ray Permit Authorization Programs, served as the primary Radiatoin Safety trainer, provided general health physics support to all areas of the campus, and served as an emergency responder.

In 2013, Mrs. Mitchell joined Harvard University as their Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, and became the Radiatoin Safety Program Manager and Radiation Safety Officer in November 2013. As a member of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety’s senior leadership team, she is responsible for overall senior leadership to the University’s Radiation Protection Program. Mrs. Mitchell establishes and executes management, technical, and operational functions of Harvard’s Radiation Protection Program to ensure compliance with Federal, State, and University regulations, policies, procedures and professional standards of practice. She coordinates and manages the Radiation Protection Program and Program Personnel as defined by Federal and State regulation and the conditions of the University’s Massachusetts Radiation Control Program License. She directs and oversees the day-to-day operations of the Radiation Protection Program including laboratory audits and surveys, training programs, waste management, radiation analysis, dosimetry, and QA/QC testing under the requirements of the University’s license. She is responsible for the technical adequacy of all operations, including monitoring, calibration, analytical measurements, bioassay and radiation analysis. She provides senior leadership to the University’s Radiation Safety Committee.