Gene Lupton

Gene Lupton is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Gene started his career as a junior engineer with a consulting firm performing machine design on packaging and material handling equipment for clients such as Proctor and Gamble and Ford Motor Company. He then moved into the filtration industry in 1996 at the Flanders Filters Washington NC facility as a product engineer for HEPA filters and commercial metal products. Not limited to those product lines, Gene was the lead engineer for large scale projects for pharmaceutical isolators/gloveboxes and laminar flow hoods. Gene also participated in the AG1 Section FK subcommittee on radial flow filters. His currently works in the quality department as a quality engineer heading up the testing department for nuclear, industrial and cleanroom filters at the Washington NC facility.

In his time outside of work you will find Gene with his fiancé Ana hiking, biking, kayaking and camping in their travel trailer.