Heidi L. Rehm, PhD, FACMG

Associate Professor of Pathology
Harvard Medical School

Chief Laboratory Director
Laboratory for Molecular Medicine
Partners HealthCare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine

Heidi L. Rehm, PhD, FACMG began building the Laboratory for Molecular Medicine in 2001 after completing her graduate degree in Genetics from Harvard University and her postdoctoral and fellowship training at Harvard Medical School. The lab focuses on the rapid translation of new genetic discoveries into clinical tests and bringing novel technologies and software systems into molecular diagnostics to support the integration of genetics into clinical use. The laboratory has been a leader in translational medicine, launching the first clinical tests for cardiomyopathy and lung cancer treatment. The lab offers whole genome sequencing services for both clinical diagnostics and to support several genomic medicine research projects including the MedSeq and BabySeq projects. Dr. Rehm is also involved in defining standards for the use of next generation sequencing in clinical diagnostics and the interpretation of sequence variants through her committee roles at the American College of Medical Genetics. Dr. Rehm is also one of several principal investigators of a major NIH-funded effort called ClinGen (Clinical Genome Resource Program) to support broad sharing of genotype and phenotype data and clinical annotations of genetic variants. Dr. Rehm also directs the Clinical Molecular Genetics training program at Harvard Medical School and conducts research in hearing loss, Usher syndrome, cardiomyopathy, healthcare IT and genomic medicine.