Howard Goldberg, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care
Harvard Medical School
Corporate Manager for Enterprise Clinical Informatics and Infrastructure Services
Clinical Informatics Research & Development
Partners HealthCare System, Inc.

Howard S. Goldberg, MD, Corporate Manager for Enterprise Clinical Informatics and Infrastructure Services (ECIIS) and Lecturer in Medicine, HMS, is a well-known medical informatician with over twenty years experience in Healthcare IT with numerous peer-reviewed publications. Goldberg, a board-certified general internist, received his MD degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completed residency training in Internal Medicine at Boston University Medical Center, and completed a fellowship in Medical Informatics/Clinical Decision-Making at New England Medical Center. Goldberg participated on the team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the early 1980's that built the first networked clinical information system centered around a relational database. Prior to joining Partners Healthcare in 2005, Goldberg served as the Associate Director for the Clinical Informatics Unit at the Deaconess Hospital, on the faculty at the Center for Clinical Computing at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and as Director for R&D / Vice President of Product Development at Clinician Support Technology, a pioneering start-up in patient-facing portals. Since 2009, Goldberg has also served as a US representative to the Clinical Content Committee of IHTSDO, the international organization responsible for the maintenance of SNOMED-CT.

Since joining Partners Healthcare and Clinical Informatics R&D in 2005, Goldberg has been leading a team of informaticians and IT professionals in the development of a centralized infrastructure for informatics services. The Partners’ informatics infrastructure provides a broad array of terminology services, standards-based interoperability services to create and deconstruct CDA-based documents, and a centralized enterprise decision support system for the next generation of clinical decision support, leveraging the use of commercial business rules management systems. As Services Team Lead for the Clinical Decision Support Consortium and as PI in other ongoing investigations, Goldberg and his team are demonstrating the feasibility of providing remote, service-based decision support on a regional and national level. By establishing a single set of standards for the multiple institutions comprising Partners, Goldberg and his team hope to improve the quality of information captured at the point of care, simplify semantic interoperability between diverse systems, and lay the groundwork for enhanced decision support and data mining capabilities.