John L. Henshaw, MPH, CIH

John Henshaw and Associates, Inc.

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor and Director

John L. Henshaw, as a safety and health professional with over 40 years’ experience in safety, health, environmental and quality assurance, is President of John Henshaw and Associates, Inc. a safety and health professional services firm of Florida. He was nominated by President George W. Bush on June 13, 2001 and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on August 3, 2001 to head the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); a position he held until January 1, 2005. As U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA, he headed up the Agency’s efforts to ensure worker safety and health in the United States by working with employers and employees to create better working environments. Currently there are more than 115 million workers at 7.1 million worksites in the United States. In Fiscal Year 2004, OSHA had an authorized staff of 2,220, including 1,123 inspectors. The agency’s appropriation was over $460 million. Prior to becoming the OSHA administrator, he served as Director, Environment, Safety and Health for Astaris LLC, a joint venture between Solutia and FMA Corp. Prior to that, he held similar positions at Solutia Inc., and Monsanto Company in St. Louis, Missouri.

John has over 40 years’ experience in environment, safety and health in the clinical industry and government. He joined Monsanto in 1975 after receiving his Masters in Environmental Health Administration and Industrial Health from the University of Michigan, School of Public Health. John also has served as a teaching affiliate at Johns Hopkins University and a member of many national, local and international technical, professional and trade association boards in the fields of occupational health (industrial hygiene), safety and environment including the EPA National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Advisory Board, the University of Michigan School of Public Health Alumni Board of Governors, and the University of Michigan and St. Louis University Advisory Boards. In 1990, he served as President of the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) which is the premier Industrial Hygiene organization with over 12,000 members worldwide and is currently a “Fellow” within that organization. He has presented nationally and internationally on environmental, safety, health and quality issues, and has published numerous papers, articles and text chapters on occupational health and safety. John has received numerous awards within the safety and health profession including the AIHA “Kusnetz Award," the American Society of Safety Engineer “Presidents Award," The University of Michigan “Distinguished Alumnus Award," Academy of Industrial Hygiene “Henry F. Smyth Award,” and the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. In addition to his consulting business, John currently serves as an affiliate associate professor at the University of South Florida, the University of Central Missouri, and University of Iowa Advisory Boards.

John is married and has four grown children and 11 grandchildren. He enjoys boating, fishing, golf, tennis and many other activities.