Mark Berman, MD

Head of Health

MARK BERMAN, MD, is an internal medicine physician and social entrepreneur whose work
focuses on obesity, plant-based diets, and health information technology. Dr. Berman was born
in South Africa and grew up in Canada. He studied physical therapy at McGill University,
medicine at Yale University, and primary care internal medicine and population medicine at
Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He was a Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow at UCSF
and later served as the Special Assistant to the CEO and President for Childhood Obesity at the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Dr. Berman is the past medical director of Keas Inc, a San
Francisco-based health-gaming software company. His clinical focus is on obesity and lifestyle
medicine. At present, Dr. Berman acts as a consultant to health information technology
startups, writes an obesity blog for, and is piloting a new model for urban
lifestyle education. (San Francisco, CA)